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Selected Market Insurance Group, LLC (SMIG) is dually headquartered in Orange Park, Florida for Marketing and Administration and the Corporate Office is located in Houston, Texas. Online Insurance Services (OIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of SMIG, provides SMIG state of the art technology for online enrollment, billing, eligibility, fulfillment and agent compensation.

OIS levitra online employees first started developing and programming systems for the insurance industry in 1964. In 1996, OIS began developing worksite enrollment software and systems which evolved directly from the feedback of agents and customer service representatives nationwide. Many of these same employees are still with OIS and involved with the constant changes in the marketplace that occur almost daily.  

With buy priligy an Executive Management team with over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance industry SMIG exceeds in product design, distribution, sales and administration. SMIG stands ready to offer the most innovative, competitively priced products in today’s challenging marketplace with the support that follows. Products such as short-term medical, dental insurance, vision insurance and limited medical insurance are the foundation of our product offerings. New clomid online products such as Unemployment Insurance are just one of our up and coming new ventures for a troubled economic market. SMIG buy kamagra is a customer-driven company that looks and listens to the economic factors and develops products accordingly


Both SMIG and OIS have tenured employees that support all aspects of our business, whether it is in Customer Support, IT, Marketing or Compliance. Our proprietary systems allow easy agent access from enrollment to ad-hoc reporting after the sell.


Our clomid online technology and dedicated employees separate us from the rest.





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